Neiber Cemetery




Washakie County, Wyoming

N 43 55.579   W 108 03.823

SW 1/4 Sec 29  Twp 46N  R 93W

Neiber was a post office and railroad station named for Mary M. Neiber, the first postmaster.  She is buried here.  An old Shoshone burial ground is somewhere nearby, and Indians used to hold ceremonies here to honor their dead.  Blair's Mercantile store was located at Neiber during the prohibition years.

There is a small slough on private ground here, and if you have never seen a White-faced Ibis, or a Pied-billed Grebe, this might be your chance.  The birds and surrounding farm ground is all there is to see.

Drive nine and one half miles south of Worland on US hwy 20 until you reach the Gooseberry Road junction, or state hwy 431 West.  Turn on the first lane a few hundred feet past the junction, bearing right, and drive up the hill along the graveled lane.  Half way up the hill, on your left, you will see a wooden grave marker, which is on a hill about 150 feet from the road.  This is the only marker in the cemetery.  You are on private property.  The area is unprotected.  It is a Consecrated Catholic Cemetery, located on private ground.

The view here is spectacular.  The Big Horn Mountains are on the North and one can see new weather every day.  The sunrise is a special event each morning.

The known graves here are:

Neiber, Bernard J.

27 Nov 1859--17 Jul 1906

(Thermopolis Record 21 Jul 1906 p1 c3)

Neiber, Mary Magdeline (Schaffer)

13 Aug 1872--28 Oct 1923

(Worland Grit 1 Nov 1923-obituary available)

(1st Postmistress of Neiber, WY)

Neiber, (sons--2)

#1 Unknown Death Date

#2 Died 1906

Denton, Pauline

Died 7 Jul 1912

(Worland Grit 11 Jul 1912-Obituary Available)

(Dau of Mr. & Mrs. I. J. Denton)

Blair, (son)

Died 1914

(Son of Mr & Mrs F. W. Blair)

Some years ago, a woman came to the Paris Jewelry Store in Worland with some silver items she was tired of polishing.  She traded them for a set of stainless.  My mother collects silver spoons and added them to her own collection.  One of the spoons is engraved with the following:  Dale Bert Blair  14 Oct 1914  18" Neiber, Wyoming 8#  There is a clock engraved on the spoon showing the hands on 6 o'clock. There is a pendulum hanging down from the spoon with 23 at the bottom.

Denning, (twins)

(Children of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Denning)

McCann, (girl)

Died 1918

(Dau of Mr. & Mrs Lou McCann)

Scheuerman, Emma or Edna

Died 1916

(Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Pete Scheurman)

Linglatz, Anna Marie

(GrandDau of Emma/Edna Scheurman)

Murdock, (baby boy)

Died 1931

(The child of Wm. & Adeline (Neiber) Murdock, Granddau to Mary and Bernard Neiber)

Dye, (baby boy)

Died during the depression

Newborn of Vernon & Opal Dye

Information from Betty Shelton of Worland states this was a surprise baby of the Dye's and when it died they did not have enough money to bury the child in Worland, so they buried him in the cemetery at Neiber.  Other children were Wilmer, Eugene, Arlene, Lynn

Unknown (Indian Grave)

(gravesite lower on the hill, now gone)

The following died at Neiber or  may be buried at Neiber unless listed otherwise:

Johnston, Ephraim Brashears

Died 30 Jul 1928

Worland Grit 16 Aug 1928 Obituary Available

(WY State Journal 22 Aug 1928 p6  c6 Died @ Neiber, WY)

Jones, Mrs. Louise

Died 10 Sep 1932

(Worland Grit 15 Sep 1932, Died @ Neiber, WY)

Mammen, Harry Edward

Died 28 Feb 1929

(Worland Grit 7 Mar 1929, Obituary Available Died @ Neiber, WY)

Green, Bill

Died 8 May 1913 (at Neiber)

Worland Grit 29 May 1913 Obituary Available

Glenn, James C.

Died 1 Aug 1934

Worland Grit 2 Aug 1934, died @ Neiber, Buried Worland, WY

Stone, Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth

Died 11 Apr 1936

Worland Grit 16 Apr 1936, died @ Neiber, Buried in Worland, WY

Marriage @ Neiber  4 Oct 1912  George B. True Eliza Slaughter

Worland Grit 10 Oct 1912

Marriage @ Neiber 22 Sep 1916 Thomas Nichol & Elizabeth Malcolm

Worland Grit 22 Sep 1916

Some of this information was gathered originally by Warren and Lorraine Brazelton of Worland in 1983, and added to by Mary Jane (Murdoch) Schmeltzer in 1994.  Recorded by Sharon Field of Cheyenne, WY.  Other information here I have extracted from the sources listed.