Gerstner Ranch Plot





N  43 45.133   W  107 17.706

Sec 28  T 44N  R 87W

This burial plot is located 23 miles south of Ten Sleep on highway 434.  Drive past the end of the pavement and continue on the gravel road.  On your left, or northeast, there is a large wooden gate with the name Gerstner over the top.  This is private property, ask permission.  Go through the gate and follow the road just short of the ranch house.  On a small hill about 600 feet from the house you will see the fence posts that surround the plot.  You must walk from there.

The plot is not cared for in any way.  There is no fence or protection.  There are older posts scattered about on the ground, and no markers or headstones.  The plot is watched over by numerous Yucca Plants (soap weed).  The scenery here is very beautiful.  There is a nice little canyon to the east, and spectacular red hills all around.  The air is unusually clean, free from pollution.  You can hear the rushing sound of canyon creek, which runs below the hill.  It is worth a trip to this area just to enjoy the countryside.

Shannon, Ben

accidentally shot at the ranch or roundup camp.

Dwinell, Birdie

died 1892  Son of Emma Loada Arledge

Bremmer, Philip

born 12 Dec 1893--died 21 Apr 1898

Son of Charles Lester Bremmer and Florence Mathilda Arledge

Smith, Thedie

died 1895 or before

Wife of Harry Smith, Big Trails Postmaster


Died at George McClellan ranch of TB

Bull, Nowood

Son of Frank and Martha Bull

1st White child born in the area,  buried apart from the others

(Information provided by Fred Drake, Ten Sleep, WY., Grace Taffner, and Cheryl Belding.)