Entry Edition Date Event Surname Given Name Event Date Comments
1 18-Jan-06 death SCOTT F. L. 24 Dec 1906 died @ Colorado Springs
2 18-Jan-06 birth MOCHON girl 13 Jan 1906 parents: Mr & Mrs A. Mochon
3 18-Jan-06 marriage LYNN & BOYCE John, Jr & Ella 17 Jan 1906 married @ Shell
4 18-Jan-06 death CROSBY Henry Saturday died Hyattville buried Ten Sleep
5 25-Jan-06 birth SYKES girl Monday parents: Mr & Mrs Skiff Sykes of Alamo
6 25-Jan-06 marriage FERGUSON Robert 25 Jan 1906 md @ Worland 1st MARRIAGE WORLAND
7 01-Feb-06 obituary GADDIS Mrs. A. W. no date given died Friday @ Welling, WY
8 08-Feb-06 birth LOCKARD boy Monday parents: Mr & Mrs C. F. Lockard
9 08-Feb-06 death LOCKARD Mrs. C. F. 7 Feb 1906 died Worland, WY buried Burlington
10 08-Feb-06 death TYNDALL John Monday died near Thermopolis
11 15-Feb-06 death RICHARDSON G. W. Wednesday died Basin
12 15-Feb-06 birth BADER girl no date given parents: Mr & Mrs Fred Bader of Ten Sleep
13 22-Feb-06 marriage STARK & DILLARD Charles and Hattie Wednesday married Thermopolis
14 22-Feb-06 marriage BAIRD & McINTRYE Robert H. and Agnes 16 Feb 1906 married Glasgow, Scotland
15 22-Feb-06 birth WILLIAMS daughter this week parents: Mr & Mrs Peb Williams
16 22-Feb-06 birth ALLEN girl 4 Feb 1906 parents: Mr & Mrs James Allen
17 22-Feb-06 death LOCKARD infant 22 Feb 1906 place not given
18 01-Mar-06 birth MORRIS boy no date given parents: Mr & Mrs W. E. Morris of Ten Sleep
19 05-Apr-06 death BROTHERSON Pete this week died @ Meeteetse
20 19-Apr-06 birth KIMBALL boy Good Friday Mr. & Mrs Sim Kimball of Welling, WY
21 19-Apr-06 death COWLTHORP Harry Friday died, place not given
22 17-May-06 marriage ADAMS & HUBBARD Ralph & Nora Sunday married Thermopolis
23 17-May-06 birth WORLAND Charles, Jr. this week parents: Mr. & Mrs Charles Worland
24 24-May-06 death BLAKESLY Ernest Saturday did Otto
25 24-May-06 birth WHITED boy Sunday parents: Mr & Mrs E. Whited
26 31-May-06 marriage HAMMITT & STILLWELL Carl and Mrs. Esther last week married Omaha, NE
27 14-Jun-06 marriage ANDREWS & (?) Dr. L. F. this week married Basin
28 14-Jun-06 death SMART Fred Tuesday died Worland
29 21-Jun-06 Death MANN Emmett this past week died at Thermoplis
30 12-Jul-06 Marriage FOSTER & VANCE Emory Wendell, M.D. & Mrs. Beulah 3 July md. at Basin
31 12-Jul-06 Death RENNER Thomas Addison 12 July died near Meeteetsee
32 19-Jul-06 Death RENNER Mrs. Catherine 12 July died near Meeteetsee
33 02-Aug-06 birth DILLON boy 28 July parents: Mr & Mrs. C.E. Dillon
34 09-Aug-06 Death ROWLAND Rosie E. 8 August place not given
35 30-Aug-06 Death LONABAUGH Emily no date given died at Sheridan
36 20-Sep-06 Marriage HORTON & FARIS William L. & Della J. no date given md. At Sheridan
37 01-Oct-06 Obituary CHALCRAFT Albert ng died at Worland buried in South Dakota
38 11-Oct-06 Marriage GILLAM & MILLER C.L. & Clair B. few days ago md. At Casper
39 11-Oct-06 Death MORTON Mrs. Leonora 9 October died at Worland
40 18-Oct-06 Marriage CONANT & FRISBY Edwin M. & Katherine 10 October md. At Worland
41 25-Oct-06 Marriage CLAYCOMB & GREEN Walter & Pearl no date given md. At Worland
42 22-Nov-06 marriage EDMONDSON & WILSON Allen & Miss Monday married Basin
43 13-Dec-06 death RANNELS Johnnie no date given died Columbus, NE buried Hyattville
44 13-Dec-06 marriage WILKERSON & ANGLUM Fred H. & Ray 8 Nov 1906 married Billings, MT
45 27-Dec-06 death DOUGLASS Mrs. Mary 22 Dec 1906 died Ten Sleep, WY buried Ten Sleep
46 27-Dec-06 death CARSON O. F. no date given died Omaha, NE
47 27-Dec-06 marriage PRICE & PATTER Wm Hnry & Frances Lillian 25 Dec 1906 married Worland
48 27-Dec-06 marriage CRIBBS & HIXSON Pearl & May 25 Dec 1906 married Worland
49 03-Jan-07 marriage DANFORTH & BENSON Alfred & Mabel 25 Dec 1906 married Worland
50 03-Jan-07 marriage BARRETT & RICHARDS Louis & Ruth 27 Dec 1906 married Rawlins
51 10-Jan-07 death JONES Mrs. Ira E. 4 Jan 1907 died Thermopolis
52 31-Jan-07 obituary ROBERTSON William M. 22 Jan 1907 died Norfolk, NE buried Norfolk, NE
53 07-Feb-07 marriage WINSLOW & BROWN Daniel & Lulu Sunday married Nowood
54 14-Feb-07 death GUSSMAN Freda 8 Feb 1907 deid near Worland, WY buried Worland
55 14-Feb-07 birth COULTER daughter 5 Feb 1907 parents: Mr & Mrs F. S. Coulter
56 21-Feb-07 birth BLACK daughter 14 Feb 1907 Mr & Mrs S.H. Black 1st BIRTH WORLAND
57 28-Feb-07 death JOHNSON Mrs. J. W. 11 Feb 1907 died Durham, MO
58 07-Mar-07 birth McDONALD boy Tuesday parents: ;; Mr & Mrs Charles McDonald
59 14-Mar-07 death RHODES Jacob Lawrence 8 Mar 1907 died Tensleep
60 14-Mar-07 death WALN Mrs. Eva C. 10 Mar 1907 died near Ten Sleep
61 21-Mar-07 death McCORMICK infant son no date given died near Worland
62 28-Mar-07 birth STARK boy no date given parents: Mr & Mrs C. H. Stark
63 04-Apr-07 marriage ILG & SPIELMAN Arthur & Elizabeth Wednesday married Worland
64 04-Apr-07 death CLARK John 1 Apr 1907 died Worland
65 11-Apr-07 death BURNS J. W. 3 Apr 1907 died Basin
66 11-Apr-07 marriage WEBB & WEBB A. W. & Mrs. Mary 26 Mar 1907 married Basin
67 25-Apr-07 marriage HOLMES & KORTMAN R. V. & Marie M. Monday married Thermopolis
68 25-Apr-07 death SLANE Mrs. Margaret this week died Kirby, WY buried Thermopolis
69 09-May-07 marriage NICCOLIS & MARTINSEN C. H. & Tillei 1 May 1907 married Basin
70 16-May-07 death HARINGTON daughter 12 May 1907 died Worland buried Fort Collins, CO
71 23-May-07 marriage WOSTENBERG & PACKER Henry W. A. & Isidor Friday married Worland
72 13-Jun-07 death HALL James Thursday died near Worland buried in New York
73 13-Jun-07 marriage WOODBURN & STOKELY John L. & Mabel last week married Ottawa, Kansas
74 13-Jun-07 marriage GADDIS & BABBITT Mr. & Myrtle 9 Jun 1907 married Worland
75 27-Jun-07 death JOHNSON Vernie Sunday died near Thermopolis
76 27-Jun-07 death GROGAN Daniel Tuesday died Worland
77 01-Jul-07 birth TWADDLE boy Sunday parents: Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Twaddle
78 05-Sep-07 birth STINE boy Sunday parents: Mr. & Mrs. Rico Stine
79 19-Mar-08 death AUSTIN Mrs. Lydia 13 Mar died at Shell
80 26-Mar-08 obituary HANKINS James Claude 15 March (died) buried at Ten Sleep
81 26-Mar-08 marriage HOWELL & COBURN John Ashby & Helen 18 March md. At Carroll, Iowa
82 02-Apr-08 death WILKISON Mr. Rachel 1 April died at Worland
83 02-Apr-08 death RICHARDS Dr. Edgar M. this week died at Thermopolis
84 09-Apr-08 birth BONINE boy ng parents-Mr. & Mrs. O. Bonine
85 07-May-08 death BONINE Mrs. Mabel during the week died at Basin
86 14-May-08 burth WORTHAM boy Saturday parents-Mr & Mrs Aaron Wortham
87 14-May-08 birth DUFF girl Tuesday Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Duff
88 11-Jun-08 death SIGNOR Mrs. Sophia A. 6 June died at Thermopolis
89 18-Jun-08 marriage HAMPTON & DRAGOO Lou & Etta Tuesday md at Basin
90 25-Jun-08 dath HYATT Lee ng died at Copper Mountain Mines
91 02-Jun-08 death DODGE Dr. G. L. this week died near Lost Cabin, Woming
92 02-Jul-08 marriage OAKIE & LOVETT John B. & Mrs. Clarice ng md at Cheyenne
93 09-Jul-08 birth WOODBURN daughter 1 July parents-Mr. & Mrs. John Woodburn
94 06-Aug-08 birth PACKER boy Tuesday parents-Mr & Mrs Fred Packer
95 13-Aug-08 birth WORTHAM boy 9 August parents-Mr & Mrs E. C. Wortham
96 13-Aug-08 birth DENTON girl 12 August parents-Mr & Mrs I. J. Denton
97 13-Aug-08 death HUGHES Patrick ng died on train between Gillette & Moorcroft
98 13-Aug-08 marrige LETNER & COOK Floyd C. & Lucetia Thursday md at Basin
99 20-Aug-08 birth DAVIDSON son 14 August parents-Mr & Mrs Leslie Davidson
100 27-Aug-08 birth MAY girl 23 August parents-Mr & Mrs John R. May
101 10-Sep-08 marriage GATES & FOSTER Herman B. & Nellie 28 August md at Denver, Colorado
102 10-Sep-08 death&Obit BLACK John Saturday buried at Worland
103 01-Oct-08 marriage VOSS & DILLARD Earnest & Mae 26 September md at Basin
104 22-Oct-08 death VASSALAVINI Paul ng died Crosby Coal Mine, buried Worland, WY
105 22-Oct-08 death CULBERTSON W. L. ng died at Carroll, Iowa
106 12-Nov-08 birth CROFT boy ng parents-Mr & Mrs W. Croft of Cowley
107 12-Nov-08 birth SHOBER Mrs. Frank ng died at Lytle Creek, WyomING
108 19-Nov-08 marriage KENT & MORGAREIDGE Albert & Blanche Thursday md at Wolf Creek, near Sheridan
109 03-Dec-08 marriage LOWRIE & SHAW James & Edith Pearl 2 November md at Gebo
110 17-Dec-08 obituary PRICE Jacob 6 December (died) died at Los Angeles, California
111 24-Dec-08 death LAIRD infant ng died at Worland
112 31-Dec-08 death TAYLOR John ng died at Sheridan
113 21-Jan-09 birth MAIER son Friday parents-Mr & Mrs Otto Maier
114 14-Oct-09 death BRAY Smith Saturday died at Thermopolis (paper out of order)
115 28-Jan-09 obituary HAMPTON Mrs. Etta Dragoo 27 January (died) died at Worland
116 28-Jan-09 death PARKER Mrs. L. A. ng died at Hyattville
117 11-Feb-09 marriage BRODERICK & PEAY John & Mabel Tuesday md at Basin
118 11-Feb-09 marriage TOWNSEND & CLAYCOMB George & Lillian Wednesday md at Basin
119 18-Feb-09 death UREY J. J. Wednesday died at Ottumwa, Iowa
120 18-Feb-09 marriage HOPPE & FOSTER Goerge M. & Ada Pearl ng md at Kirby
121 25-Feb-09 death PARKER Mrs. Nellie ng buried at Thermopolis
122 04-Mar-09 marriage JOHNSON & WARREN Ephraim & Ann 25 February md at Basi
123 04-Mar-09 births ILG twins (boy & girl) Saturday parents-Mr & Mrs Arthur Ilg
124 11-Mar-09 marriage COLEMAN & PYLE George A. & Florence A. 3 mar md at Lander
125 11-Mar-09 marriage COOK & GODFREY Joseph & Edith Monday md at Basin
126 18-Mar-09 birth JOHNSON daughter Saturday parents-Mr & Mrs Abner Johnson
127 18-Mar-09 marriage MERCER & (bride ng) Ralph 16 March md at Hyattville
128 25-Mar-09 birth STINE boy Saturday parents-Mr & Mrs Rico Stine
129 25-Mar-09 death HOPKINS Thomas (Hoppy) ng buried at Worland
130 01-Apr-09 death STINE infant Sunday buried at Worland
131 01-Apr-09 marriage BAIRD & MITCHIE John & Isa ng md at Meeteetse
132 01-Apr-09 death ILG infant ng ng
133 01-Apr-09 marriage BRYDON & REID Bob & Phemie ng married at Thermopolis
134 08-Apr-09 death ALLEMAND Joe 2 April died near Ten Sleep
135 08-Apr-09 death EMGE Joe 2 April died near Ten Sleep
136 15-Apr-09 marriage ROHRBAUGH & HAKE Clyde & Lorna Doone ng married at Sheridan
137 15-Apr-09 death MacKENZIE J. K. ng died near Moneta, WY
138 06-May-09 death GARISON William ng died near Basin
139 06-May-09 death ROBINSON Mrs. this week died near Hyattville
140 06-May-09 death BOY Nathaniel ng died near Hyattville
141 13-May-09 death ADLE Joe ng died at Rexburg, ID
142 13-May-09 birth HOWELL girl ng parents-Mr & Mrs John Ashby Howell
143 27-May-09 birth EASTER son Tuesday parents-Mr & Mrs Jesse Easter
144 27-May-09 death BROWER Charles ng ng
145 10-Jun-09 death JEWELL Scott ng died at Shoshoni
146 24-Jun-09 death SIMONS Mrs. Lola ng died at Bridgeport, MI
147 24-Jun-09 death KIRBY Mrs. George B. few days ago died at Billings, MT
148 01-Jul-09 obituary HENRY Mrs. Joe ng died at Basin
149 01-Jul-09 marriage RHODES & WILLIAMS Fred W. & Della Maude 28 june married at Worland
150 08-Jul-09 death CHAPMAN Mamie ng died at Thermopolis
151 15-Jul-09 death McCLELLAM Duncan C. Friday died at Buffalo, WY
152 12-Aug-09 marriage WARNER & LYNCH Berch & Aubra ng married at Basin
153 12-Aug-09 birth VOSS boy 6 August parents-Mr & Mrs Ernest Voss
154 26-Aug-09 obituary DONNELLY Therese Marie Sunday died at Worland
155 02-Sep-09 death KERSHNER Charles Tuesday died at Basin
156 16-Sep-09 marriage CULBERTSON & CUMMINS Roger Goodwin & Annie 7 September married at Des Moines, IA
157 30-Sep-09 birth WORTHAM daughter ng parents-Mr & Mrs Aaron Wortham
158 30-Sep-09 marriage WALSH & (?) "Irish Tom" ng ng
159 07-Oct-09 death VIDAL James S. ng died at Lander
160 07-Oct-09 death HOPPE George 2 October died Kirby, Wy buried Thermopolis
161 28-Oct-09 death LAZIER ng 2 April died near Ten Sleep
162 04-Nov-09 marriage BONINE & HUISINGER O. C. & Mrs. Lydia 3 November married at Basin
163 11-Nov-09 death SHELMERDINE James ng buried at Burlington, WY
164 25-Nov-09 obituary DANA Frank N. 19 November (died) ng
165 02-Dec-09 marriage DURBIN & DENTON Oscar B. & Catherine A. 24 November married at Gebo
166 02-Dec-09 death BALL Laurence ng died at Roundup, MT
167 16-Dec-09 birth LAIRD boy 14 December parents-Mr & Mrs L. E. Laird
168 23-Dec-09 death PARSONS Joseph H. 20 December died at Gunnison, CO
169 23-Dec-09 death JOHNSON Ephraim 21 December ng
170 30-Dec-09 marriage SALISBURY & DILLON Cecil Hugh & Bessie Edna 23 December married at St. Louis, MO
171 30-Dec-09 death JONES Harry W. Thursday ng

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