Why Oh Why



OH Why, Oh Why, Did I Ever Leave



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Oh! Give me back my prairie with the cattle and wild game,

Where the hills are nice and curvy and the women are the same;

Where cowboys all yell "Whoopee!" while a lariat they twirl,

And the timber wolves yell "Timber!" when they see a pretty girl.




Back home in old Wyomin’ folks are actin’ mighty strange;

Since they started social climbin’ how they’ve changed the good old range.

Our farm is now a dude ranch and there’s carpet on the trails,

The cowboys wear tuxedos and the horses all wear tails. (OH!)




My Uncle Max in Cheyenne he’s honest as the sun,

He worked six years in a bathhouse and he never took a one;

The sheriff fin’lly got him and no more will Uncle roam,

They caught him workin’ in a bank and takin’ samples home!


Why, oh why, did I ever leave Wyoming?

Why, oh why did I ever have to go?

Oh why, oh why, did I ever leave Wyoming?

‘Cause there’s a sheriff back there lookin’ for me

high and low and high and low and high and low.