There's A Home



There’s A Home In Wyoming


By Billy Hill (writer of "The Last Round-up"

And Peter De Rose


Pale moon, carry me away, To the rolling plains tonight.

Pale moon, please don’t let me stray, Show me the wrong from the right.

I’m so lonely when the sun goes down, Lonely for my little prairie town.


West wind, take my little song To the one I love the best.

West wind, say I won’t be long Soon I’ll be out in the West

When the purple turns to gold back home, Then I’ll settle down, no more to roam.




There’s a home in Wyomin’ Far across the Great Divide.

Skies are brighter, hearts are lighter, And the door is open wide.

There’s a girl in Wyomin’ ‘neath the prairie stars that shine.

Let me wander ‘way out yonder To that old sweetheart of mine.

Thru the purple sage once more we’ll Ride, ride, ride.

Down the sunset trail together, Side by side

All alone in the gloamin; We will plan a nest for two

Just a home in old Wyomin’ In the land where dreams come true.