Hills of WY



The Hills Of Old Wyoming


Words and Music by

Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger

Famous Music Corporation

1619 Boradway

New York, N.Y.

Featured in the Paramount Picture "Palm Springs"


Let me ride on a trail in the hills of old Wyomin’.

Where the coyotes wail in the gloamin’.

For it’s there that my heart’s at home.

In the night let me rest with the blue sky for my ceilin’.

‘Till the wind’s lullaby comes stealin’

From the hills where my heart’s at home.

Wake with a song! Wake with the sun!

Saddle to mend, cattle to tend, Plenty to be done.

Let me live on the range where a man has room to roam in,

And dream of his love in the gloamin’.

In the hills of old Wyomin’. In the hills of old Wyomin.’