Paris Cemetery




Grayson County, Kentucky

(not to be confused with Paris Cemetery, Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky)

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"When the last trumpet

Wakes the land and the sea,

And the tombs of the earth

Set the prisoners free,

You may all go aloft if you choose

But, for me...I think I'll just stay in


Some of my ancestors are buried in this cemetery.  My Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great, Great-Grandfather and many of their kin were born in Kentucky.  You can move away, but you can't pull up roots like that.

To reach the cemetery, begin at the only caution light in Clarkson, Grayson County.  Drive 3 miles East on Hwy 224, taking the overpass over the Western Kentucky Parkway.  Turn right, or South, on the Rock Creek Road, hwy 3210 (formerly Oak Grove road), and travel 3 miles passing the Oak Grove Church.  Take a left, or East on Fragrant Road (gravel), and go about .2 miles until you reach the J. C. Hodges Farm, the first place on Fragrant road.  From the front of the barn, walk Northeast on the dirt road through the cornfield about 500-600 feet, to the top of the hill.  The cemetery is on the left hand side.  It is well fenced, but may be overgrown depending on how long it has been since anyone trimmed the grasses and surrounding vegetation.  The smell of wildflowers is here.

Names and Dates of People Buried

In the Paris Cemetery

First information provided by James Raymond Paris of Clarkson, Grayson County, Kentucky.  The information inside brackets is from additional research by family members.


Joseph R. Paris    age 2

30 Mar 189931 Dec 1901

Son of J. S. & M. A. Paris

[Joseph Riley Paris born 30 December, 1899, infant child of John Samuel Paris and Martha Ann Nichols. 

Gillie A. Paris   age 27

1 Feb 18778 Jun 1904

Wife of Charles W.

[Gillie Manion  born in Munfordville, Edmonson, Kentucky  died  Romney, Tippecanoe, Indiana  married Charles William Paris 24 Sep 1899]

Lloyd C. Paris   age 75

8 Feb 185020 Jan 1925

[Lloyd Clellan Paris  son of Moses Paris and Amanda Jane Robinson]

Amanda J. Paris   age 38

14 Jul 185211 Jan 1890

Wife of Lloyd Paris

[Amanda Jane Robinson  born 28 May 1852 in Grayson County, KY  Daughter of John H. Robinson and Nancy Basham    1st wife of Lloyd Clellan Paris, married 19 Nov 1874

Sallie F. Paris    age 80

14 Jul 18508 Oct 1930

[Sally Francis White  Daughter of Jonathan R. White and Susan Doug?  2nd wife of Lloyd Clellan Paris, married 8 Jul 1891/1897]

2nd Wife of Lloyd Paris

William R. Paris    age 51

23 Nov 184213 Jun 1893

Soldier and Mason

[William Riley Paris  son of Moses Paris and Eliza Depanna Prewit (Pruit)

Jemima J. Paris    age 69


Wife of William R.

[Jemima And Stuteville  born 22 Oct 1842  died 19 Dec 1909  Daughter of Richard Foggett Stuteville and Cassander J. Phillips   wife of William Riley Paris  married 6 Apr 1866]

Charles H. R. Paris    age 3

20 Jul 187420 Nov 1877

Son of W. R. and J. J. Paris

[Charles W R Paris  son of William Riley Paris and Jemima Jane Stuteville]

Moses  M.C.K. Paris    age 1

17 Oct 18769 Dec 1877

Son of W. R. and J. J. Paris

[Moses Chinoweth K. Paris  son of William Riley Paris and Jemima Jane Stuteville]

Moses Paris     age 83

10 Jun 18147 Feb 1897

Consort of Eliza E. Paris

[Son of Samuel Paris and Nancy Ann Mings]

Eliza D. Paris    age 82

9 Aug 180815 Jan 1890

Wife of M. Paris & Dau of J. & S. Prewitt

[Eliza Depanna Prewitt (Pruit)  Daughter of John Prewitt and Sarah Thomas  wife of Moses Paris  married 26 Sep 1939]


Charles T. Paris    age 57

13 May 183730 Jan 1894

consort of Maggie K.

[Charles Taylor Paris  son of Moses Paris and Eliza Depanna Prewitt (Pruit)]

Margaret K. Paris    age 57

4 Dec 18529 Apr 1909

[Margaret K. Deckard  Daughter of William Deckard and Mary Anderson  wife of Charles Taylor Paris  married 24 Jan 1873]

Nancy A. Paris    age 74

15 Dec 178314 Sep 1857

Consort of Samuel Paris

[Nancy Ann Mings  Daughter of Joseph Mings and Margaret Butrum  wife of Samuel Paris  married 18 Feb 1802]

Samuel Paris    age 100  (minus 10 days)

30 Mar 177520 Mar 1875

Soldier of War of 1812

[born 30 Mar 1776  Son of William Paris and Sabinah]

(there may have been other graves, now gone, outside the fence.)

For genealogy and history about this Paris family: 

Robert W. Paris                      Kay Paris Bashford

1507 Coburn Ave.                  14600 West 58th Place

Worland, WY   82401            Arvada, CO  80004




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