Milek Family Plot




Hot Springs County, Wyoming

N 43 39.84   W 108 11.597

This is a small family-type plot, located just outside the North edge of Hot Springs State Park.  It is very well groomed and kept, and beautifully fenced with a rock wall and wrought iron.  It has a secure gate.  If you want to have your own family plot, this is an example of how it could be very well done.

The gravestones in the Milek Family Cemetery are as follows:

The Reverend Nicholas J. Endress

1882-1962  “Pioneer Priest to the Big Horn Basin”

Diane Milek  1940-1989

Daniel Milek  April 1, 1947 – Dec 5 1989

Milek    Henry Joseph 1885-1949  Juliana Bruch   1879-1956

W. Arthur Milek   1909-1996

William Bret Hester   October 12 1968

“This golden-haired boy embraced life with friendship, courage & Love    Bret, We’ll meet you at sundown”

Mary Suzanne Frix   Jun 1 1960   June 6 1960

Kevin William Frix   April 1 1953   Apr 12 1953

Arthur H. Frix   Tec 5 US Army  World War II  July 4 1916   Jan 24 1993