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This preface was written by:  Carole Jensen Tucker.  "These records were extracted from a mortuary book in the possession of Jolliffe's Funeral Home of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  Said book was originally part of the records of a funeral home in or near Thermopolis, Hot Springs County, Wyoming.  In 1925 this book was brought from Thermopolis to Scottsbluff by one P. H. Knight.  All but the last few pages of the book are records of burials that took place in and around Thermopolis and Hot Springs County.  (Some burials took place elsewhere but were recorded and/or directed by the 'Thermopolis' funeral home.)

I have extracted the Wyoming burial records from the mortuary book for use by libraries, museums, genealogical societies and cemetery associations of the State of Wyoming.  Practically every bit of information was copied from the book except for causes of death.  Some names in the original book are nearly illegible, and there was no way to check for the correct spellings.  Other information was occasionally not given.  The abbreviation "ng" (not given is located in these places).  An obituary may be able to furnish more detailed information.

The directors of Jolliffe's Funeral Home have given permission for the extracted information to be donated, copied and redistributed to the above-mentioned organizations with the stipulation that Jolliffe's Funeral Home received due credit.  I also give permission for the same, as long as I am given due credit."

Extracted by:  Carole Jensen Tucker  1218 Ave. F  Scottsbluff, NE  69361

Laser printed on the Apple Macintosh by Mike Welfl, Gering, NE  69341

end of preface


This addendum was written by Robert W. Paris.  In January of 2000, I was given a paper copy of the above records by the Thermopolis Wyoming Cemetery District.  I received verbal permission from Carole Jensen Tucker and Jolliffe's Funeral Home to re-type the information into a database for publication on the World Wide Web; thus making access to this information available for anyone who was interested.  My entry of the information into the database was done without reviewing the original records.  If there are any errors in the original extraction, they are replicated here.

The deaths recorded here represent only the years 1925 through1928, and only those recorded by P. H. Knight.  The cemetery data listed is taken mostly from stones, but other information and clarification is added when a source was available and reliable.

In re-doing this record, I researched local place names mentioned in the record as follows:

The following are Hot Springs County, Wyoming towns that were in existence at the time this record was first made, but are no longer in existence or nearly out of existence:

Crosby,  Gebo,  Grass Creek,  Hamilton Dome,  Lucerne

The following are Wyoming towns that are still in existence:

Buffalo, Johnson County

Casper, Natrona County

Cody, Park County

Guernsey, Goshen County

Hanna, Carbon County

Hudson, Fremont County

Kirby, Hot Springs County

Meeteetse, Park County

Midwest, Natrona County

Rock River, Albany County

Shoshoni, Fremont County

Thermopolis, Hot Springs County

Worland, Washakie County

The following are placenames in the record that need further identification and/or research:

Hopewell refers to Hopewell Hospital, Thermopolis, WY.  It was located on Hwy 20 North of Thermopolis, and the site overlooked the river and the terraces to the East.  It has been torn down.

Mineral Springs refers to Mineral Springs Apts. and Hotel, Thermopolis, WY.  It was located in the HS State Park east of the teepee fountain.  It is now gone.

Park Rooms Wyoming refers to Park Rooms Hotel, Thermopolis, WY

Carter Hosp refers to Carter Hospital, or Carter Sanitarium.  It later became the Carter Hotel. Thermopolis, WY

Antlers Apt. refers to Antlers Hotel which was at the end of the block from the Mineral Springs Hotel, Thermopolis, WY

Keystone Hotel was in Thermopolis.

Sanitarium refers to the Carter Sanitarium, later the Carter Hotel.  However, Dr. Carter had a hospital for a short time across from the Burlington Depot, during WWII.  Thermopolis, WY

Washakie refers to Washakie County, WY or the Washakie Hotel, Worland, Wyoming

Riverside Rooms were in Thermopolis.

County Farm is not a town, and probably refers to farms in the Hot Springs County area.

Sulphur Mine could refer to Hot Springs County or to Sulphur Plant in Washakie County.

Plaza Apartments is still in existence, on the north side of the street driving into the park, in Thermopolis.

State Reserve refers to the state land set aside for Hot Springs State Park and public bathhouse.

Padlock Ranch, now owned by the Arapahoe Indians, is west of Thermopolis up Owl Creek, and extends into Fremont County.

Wind River Canyon is a geographical location south of Thermopolis in Hot Springs and Fremont counties.

Star Plunge is a swimming pool facility in Thermopolis

County House???

Shirley Rooms was in Thermopolis.

Fitzsimon Hosp probably refers to the hospital in Denver by the same name.

Big Muddy, WY may refer to an oil field and maybe an oil camp 4-5 miles west of Glenrock, WY

KIeeline, Wyoming.  Keeline, WY is between Lusk and Orin Junction.  There was a Kleeburn coal camp near Sheridan.

Alladen, Wyoming may refer to Aladdin, WY near Sundance, in Crook County. .

Dietz, Wyoming may refer to a coal camp in the Sheridan area.

Carbon, Wyoming might be Carbon County, Wyoming.

McGannon, WY probably refers the McGannon Inn, across the street east from the Antlers.

Jireh, Wyoming is west of Lusk, Wyoming and south of the highway, marked as a historical site.

Emery Hotel was in Thermopolis, at the main intersection of down-town.  A motel has replaced it.

County House???

Lutheran Cemetery.  There is a Lutheran Cemetery along Road 13 1/2 out of Lovell, WY created by St. John's Lutheran Church in the early teens.  It was at its most active time during the 1920's and 30's.  (Lovell Chronicle, June 27, 1985)

If you need help with any names in this record, I will make research suggestions.  To access the database of these records, click on the navigation button above.

Thanks to  Martha Healy, and Wyoming Place Names by Mae Urbanek, for information about place names.