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Big Horn Co 1901-02
Big Horn Co 1904-05



Early history is very valuable in the location of places and names.  In Wyoming many towns were established but not many remained.  Helpful for the researcher to know are things such as the following:  

When were towns organized and why?

Who lived there and what did they do?

What businesses were established?

Who served in leadership?

In 1901-1902  the Gazetteer Publishing Company of Denver Colorado, James R. Ives, Manager, published the WYOMING STATE BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  It has within its pages, government officials, a list of towns and postoffices, including some people living there, a livestock department, a woolgrowers department, and a classified department.  The directory was published every two years or so.  The first directory is about 800 pages in length, and sold for $6.00.

I have done a name extraction of this first directory for Big Horn County Wyoming and Thermopolis, WY which was in Fremont County at that time.  If you need to consult the original source, or want information outside the area I have published, you will find the directory in the State Archives in Cheyenne, WY (307) 777-7826, or at the Wyoming State Library in Cheyenne (307) 777-7982.  It can be obtained, one volume at a time from the State Library on a Wyoming inter-library loan for use within a library only.  I will continue name extraction for Big Horn, Washakie, and Hot Springs counties, in the other volumes in order of the years in which they were published.

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To see a list of the State Business Directories, visit the Wyoming State Archives Home Page and go to the state directory. http://commerce.state.wy.us/cr/archives