Big Horn Co 1901-02


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In the years of 1901-1902, there were 319 Post Offices listed in the state of Wyoming.  Many of those were unimportant railway stations, or ranches for the accommodation of neighboring farmers, and in no way represented cities or towns.  Such places had no businesses of any kind, thus they may not be listed in the more well-known historical accounts.  But people lived there and received mail and made a living.  Their record is important, and included here when possible.

There was no Hot Springs County or Washakie County in 1901-1902.  The area at that time was all included in Big Horn County.  Of the 319 Wyoming post offices, 37 were listed in Big Horn County.  Here you will find a description of these 37 places (plus Thermopolis which was in Fremont County at that time). Listed also are people and businesses in each town or post office.

Also included here is the Livestock Department, Wool Growers' Department, and Classified Department for the above post offices and towns.