Hyattville Cemetery


Hyattville Records


Big Horn County, Wyoming

N  44 15.894   W 107 36.359

N 1/2 of NE 1/4 Twp 50 N  R 90W of 6th PM


Hyattville was first established in 1886 as Paintrock.  It was named for Indian pictographs on a nearby cliff.  Samuel Hyatt started a store and the first post office, and the town was renamed for him.  When the store was destroyed by fire in 1900, Sam Hyatt became a rancher.  Asa Shinn Mercer was also a pioneer settler here.  He made himself famous by taking two shiploads of young women around Cape Horn in the 1860's for matrimonial purposes on the West Coast.  When he finished with that enterprise, he came to Wyoming to settle.

This is a place of beauty and good people.  If you run out of gas, a neighbor will sell you a few gallons.  Try the Hyattville Cafe for food and conversation.  Drive to State of Wyoming Archeological Site to see the Indian Pictographs.  Drive up the Cold Springs Road in summer for some of the world's spectacular scenery.  Fishing is legendary, but you should get permission from local landowners.

The Hyattville Cemetery is located northwest of Hyattville on the Alkali Road.  Drive away from town 1.5 miles from the Hyattville Café and continue straight until you reach the beginning of the unpaved Alkali Road.  The cemetery can be seen a few hundred feet on your left, or west.  This is a well kept, clean cemetery in a beautiful setting, including 3.22 acres.  It is guarded by one large tree on the northwest and surrounded by ranchland, with the Big Horn Mountains close enough to smell the mountain pines.  The cemetery slopes downhill on the West Side and it is somewhat boggy there.  There is only one grave in that area.  If you want to rest here, stay up on the hill where it is drier.  There are some nice groups of cows nearby for company and a steady passing of ranchers coming and going on the roads in the area.  As you leave notice the nice donkeys in the pasture northeast of the cemetery.

There is a directory of graves at the cemetery.  Hyattville has their own cemetery district, and they have been very thorough in their records. The official local cemetery records do not give the actual stone information, but only the years, if available.  This database has more complete stone inscriptions, plus in some cases expanded full names beyond what is on the stone.

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