Byron Cemetery




Big Horn County, Wyoming

Byron was organized in 1900 by Mormon pioneer settlers.  The town was named for Byron Sessions, of Utah who was one of the leaders who helped settle the town and build the Sidon canal, used for irrigation.  Soon after they settled, a farmer saw gas escaping from a fence post hole, and ignited the gas.  It burned for several years, and in 1906 the Byron gas field began when a test hole was drilled and gas was found about 700 feet down.

To reach the Byron Cemetery go North on Center Street one mile out of town.  The cemetery is on the left (West).  It is a green oasis in the sand hills.  It is fenced and nicely kept.  You may very likely see an occasional Jack Rabbit hopping through.  The Sidon Canal is East of the Cemetery.

The Byron Cemetery Records have been put on line by Cindy Clark and can be found at her website

The Byron Cemetery District is located at 10 N. Cloud Peak St., Byron, WY   82412.  The mailing address is Box 212.  The phone number is (307) 548-2710.  They have a map of the cemetery and an index of who is buried there.   1904--Cemetery created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  1944--Cemetery released from the Church to a special group of men:  Solon NeVille, President.  Walter Stevens, Secretary & Treasurer.  Thairol Session, Frank Jones, Roy Willey, Ellis Powelson, members.  1946--Ground leased from Ohio Oil for 99 years to Solon J. Neville.  1953--The Ohio Oil gave deeds to the Town of Byron.  1955--The Town of Byron transferred said deeds to the group of men listed above.  Deeds recorded at the Big Horn County Court House in 1955, and the cemetery was voted to a special district by the taxpayers, with the Penrose cemetery included.