Big Horn County


Basin Cemetery
Basin Pioneer Cem
Bonanza Cemetery
Byron Cemetery
Forshee Family Plot
Hyattville Cemetery
Manderson Cemetery


My Mother was born in Cowley, Big Horn County.  I have roots here, back to pioneers.  Her family has been blessed with the singing voices of angels.  Those voices will ring in my ears, mind, and heart forever.  These melodies haunt one no matter what other concentration is attempted.  The most wonderful product of Big Horn County is the talented and amazing people it has exported all over the world.  Progress is coming to Big Horn County now, as most of the towns have paved streets with curbs and gutters.  These are my kinds of towns.

There are about 24 cemeteries in Big Horn County.  Numerous records have been gathered about these cemeteries by LeRoy S. Forbes of Lovell, Wyoming.  Through his efforts, those of Shirley Doerr, and others in Lovell, the records were previously entered in a database, which was later lost.  Paper copies remain, however, and they are stored in the Lovell Wyoming Stake Family History Center in Lovell, Wyoming.  (307) 548-2963  The work done by Roy Forbes contains not only tombstone records, but is laced with genealogical connections as well.  In earlier years, he probably recorded tombstone information that is now weathered or gone.  In later years he may have researched births in these Big Horn County towns, but the burial in the same town may not be verifiable.  His work represents another resource, and local records should be checked for accuracy and verification.

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Burlington Cemetery

Cowley Cemetery

Crooked Creek Cemetery

Crystal Creek Cemetery

Deaver Cemetery

Emblem Cemetery

Greybull Cemetery

Iona/Kane Cemetery

Lovell Cemetery

Lutheran Cemetery

Mexican-Spanish Cemetery

Otto Cemetery

Odessa-Stone Cemetery

Penrose Cemetery

Sand Draw Cemetery

Shell Cemetery

Whaley Cemetery