Basin Pioneer Cem




Basin, Big Horn County, Wyoming

N 44 22 893   W 108 03.043

Beginning at the Court House in central Basin, drive west on B Street until you pass the schools.  Take a right turn, north, onto the dirt road.  Northeast a few hundred feet you will see an old log building and the cemetery, with a wood rail fence in front and a wooden sign and gate in the middle.  The cemetery is not well kept, and although there is a wood rail fence around the front part, the fence has fallen down in the back, and there are stones and boards scattered around.

I have found the following information about this cemetery so far:

Judkins, Albert Walker

Marker 1902--1903 (Atwood Funeral Home)

04 Aug 1902 Basin--09 Jan 1903 Basin

Father-Judkins, Sherman Hess

Mother-Suher, Minnie Elsie

Judkins, Lawrence

Born and Died 1907 Basin

Father-Judkins, Frank Everett

Mother-Robertson, Zalida

Judkins, Lucille

Born and Died 1908

Father-Judkins, Frank Everett

Mother-Robertson, Zalida

Judkins, Samuel Walker

Marker-1834--1903 (Atwood Funeral Home)

17 Feb 1834 Logan Co, KY--3 Sep 1903 Basin

Father-Judkins, Samuel Walker

Mother-Hines, Rebecca

Spouse-Hess, Julie Anne

Married-9 Sep 1858

Civil War Veteran

Judkins, Sherman Hess

Marker 1868--1904 (Atwood Funeral Home)

28 Nov 1868 Washington, Harrison County, MO--22 Apr 1904 Basin

Father-Judkins, Samuel Walker

Mother-Hess, Julia Ann

Spouse-Suher, Minnie Elsie

Married-28 Nov 1901 Basin

Knapp, Mary A.

Marker 1838--1902 (Atwood Funeral Home)

Reid, Cecil

Old headstone (sitting on the ground outside the cemetery in front of the log cabin)

25 Dec 1894--20 Oct 1905

Except for the three markers and the one headstone, this information was collected from the Lovell, WY Family History Center in Lovell, WY